Lees Hotel Accommodation and Restaurant

Keno Promotions

Embark on a winning journey with our exclusive Keno promotions at Lees! We’re bringing you not one, but two exciting opportunities to spice up your gameplay and potentially score big.

Imagine firing up the ultimate backyard barbecue with your brand-new Weber or savouring the crispy goodness of meals prepared in a Westinghouse Airfryer. With our standard Keno promotions, you have not one, but two chances to take home these fantastic prizes!

How It Works!

For every $10 worth of Keno you play, you’ll not only be in the running for those coveted Keno wins but also receive a special raffle ticket. It’s your passport to the world of exciting prizes beyond your Keno victories.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to turn your Keno luck into something even more extraordinary. Join us at Lees, play your Keno, and let the excitement unfold as you aim for both Keno glory and the chance to upgrade your BBQ or kitchen game with our exclusive Keno promotions. It’s time to play, win, and savour the taste of victory!

Win a Webber BBQ or a Westinghouse Airfryer!

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